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Hafner Comments on Flyers

After writing comments anonymously under multiple names -- a violation of the Minnesota Independent's comment policy -- Dave Hafner posted two comments under the article about the anonymous flyers attacking Jim Llanas.

After denying that he is racist or homophobic, Hafner went on to say that he sees "no racist or homophobic intent" in the flyer, and "I do see a number of facts, many of which come from Llanas’ website and the website of the Victory Fund (which is the fourth link down on Google). There are a few opinions that appear to be reasonable conclusions to me." He also endorses the use of anonymous attack flyers, saying of the people who distribute them, "Cowards? These people obviously are quite the opposite."

I can see how he would worry that the Pioneer Press would "misquote" him.

Given his demonstrated propensity to leave comments on news articles while pretending to be multiple people agreeing with one another, one wonders how many of the anonymous commenters in the Pioneer Press article discussion are actually Dave Hafner's sock puppets as well.

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