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Flyers in Gladstone

This past weekend, the Hafner campaign was putting flyers in the Gladstone neighborhood. While the weekend before the flyers in Parkside appeared on mailboxes with anonymous attacks on Jim Llanas (attached with pieces of identical blue tape), in Gladstone a new leaflet accompanied the Hafner material. This one claims to be from Dave Hafner -- it is written in the first person and ends with "Thanks, Dave," and has the almost the same text as the first comment attributed to Dave Hafner on the Minnesota Independent story.

I obtained a copy of the flyer and scanned it. As you can see, Mr. Hafner goes to some length to deny being "racist, sexist, or homophobic." He explains that he has lived in "three of the top four hotbeds for the gay lifestyle in the United States," and has Asian-American neighbors who are the "quietest, most respectful people I know." He writes that besides being respectful (something Dave seems to really appreciate in minorities), Hispanics "are predominantly Christian and I like that too."

One notable difference between the printed flyer and the comment in MnIndy: The last line, "You want honesty, that is all you will get from the entire SMART team," is not in his website comment. Maybe he realized it would sound hollow alongside the revelation from the site's moderators that he had been attempting to post multiple times under different assumed names.

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I think it's interesting that he says, "no need for first or middle names" when the flyer has accused James Llanas of aliases such as Jaime/James/Jim/Jimmy and Moreno Llanas/M. Llanas/Llanas.

Any time I hear the "but some of my best friends are (fill in the blank)", I get very suspicious.

thanks again, John.

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