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911 Hafner Audio

On September 14, Maplewood resident Pat Downs described an encounter with city council candidate Dave Hafner that resulted in him calling 911. In response to Mr. Hafner's statements attacking Mr. Downs at the October 12th council meeting, Mr. Downs stated that he had obtained a copy of the 911 call audio recording and intended to put it on the internet so that people could hear for themselves.

Mr. Downs provided a copy of the audio to me. I'm told his family has also posted it on Facebook, but you need a Facebook account to access it.

Note: I made two edits to this audio, as will be obvious if you listen to it -- I inserted a tone over the parts where Mr. Downs states his home and cell telephone numbers to the dispatcher.

(Use this direct link to the MP3, if the embedded player doesn't work for you.)

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