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My 2009 Primary Ballot

In the primary election, my choices are Will Rossbach for Mayor, and for council, Kathleen Juenemann and Jim Llanas.

From working with Will Rossbach on the council for almost two years, and campaigning with him in 2007, I know I can trust him to tell me the factual truth and his honest opinions, not whatever he thinks I want to hear. Even when we disagree on policy matters, I always know that he is motivated by a deep sense of fairness and duty to the common good -- not just responding to whatever group of citizens showed up to shout the loudest at a given moment.

The other candidates for mayor this election are Bob Cardinal, Fran Grant, Marv Koppen, Diana Longrie, Ken Smart, and John Wykoff.

Will offers the leadership we need in a mayor, but we also need to follow up on 2007's wave of change in the composition of our city council. Kathy Juenemann has served eight years on the council, and we can continue to benefit from her experience as well as her fiercely independent thinking. Jim Llanas would be a worthy new addition to the city council. Jim impressed me when he was one of my primary opponents in 2007, and he has continued to demonstrate intelligence, charisma, communication skills, and hard work in his campaign.

The other city council candidates on the ballot are Julie Binko, Mark Bradley, Rebecca Cave, Dave Hafner, Mary Mackey, Robert Martin, DelRay Rokke, Dick Seppala, and Elizabeth Sletten.


Mr. Nephew:

I agree on all accounts. In particular, with your comments about Will.

I was at THE original meeting at the fire station (of all places) that started the whole rec fire mess. It really was interesting in that all Will was trying to do was get all sides in the fire debate heard. In doing so, I think some views that were contrary to his own original view came to light to change his beliefs about rec fires. I to have had similar revelations.

It really is interesting to see what happens when you leave your mind open to hearing ALL of the possibilities and deciding only after doing so. This is for me, what defines Will.

An Interested SouthLegger

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