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Longrie Hijacks Independence Party?

Mark Jenkins, a frequent attendee at council meetings who is active in the Independence Party and is himself campaigning for the Minnesota Senate, provides a fascinating account in his blog of a recent meeting of the IP's 4th Congressional District. He describes how Mayor Longrie and an entourage of her committed supporters flooded the meeting, successfully got 4-5 of her supporters seated as delegates on the spot (on the basis that, while not currently delegates, they had been Independence Party delegates at some time in the past, in another election cycle), and then used those votes to create and pass a "resolution of support" for her current reelection campaign by a vote of 7 to 5. (In other words, if it weren't for those Longrie supporters who were made into delegates at this very meeting, she would not have gotten it.)

I'm not sure what a Resolution of Support means for the Independence Party. It has a specific meaning from a party unit of the DFL, but it's not clear to me if this is something the IP has ever done before, whether it gives candidate Longrie access to the IP's voter file, or whether it was just created out of the blue by Diana's supporters so that they could say that "she got a Resolution of Support from a major political party, too!"


I believe Longrie was also endorsed by the standing committee of the Citizens Forum, but not by The Citizens Reporter (she is non-partisan, independent, and neutral), even though she appears to have hijacked it.

No word yet from those three guys behind the garage.

Hmmm. Are Mr. Hafner and Ms. Cave under a NEST bus? I wonder who 'forgot' to invite them to the convention?

Since I'm no longer an officer in CD 4, I can't speak to what the officers will do with this, but I can assure you that it does not grant the Mayor any access to the voter list.


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