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Fran Grant: Invisible Candidate?

As regular readers have noticed, I've been doing a series of entries featuring each of the candidates in this year's municipal primary. In most cases, I had some knowledge of each candidate before they filed for office -- whether as characters in the city council public comment theater (such as Mark Bradley, Dave Hafner, Ken Smart, John Wykoff), current or former elected officials (Bob Cardinal, Rebecca Cave, Kathy Juenemann, Marv Koppen, Diana Longrie, Will Rossbach), previous candidates for the same office (Jim Lllanas, DelRay Rokke, Dick Seppala), current city commission volunteers (Robert Martin, Mary Mackey), or even as plaintiffs in lawsuits against the city (Julie Binko, Elizabeth Sletten).

On one candidate, however, I'm drawing a blank. I know practically nothing about Fran Grant, who is running for mayor. I know she ran for city council in the 2003 primary, and received 74 votes. I have not seen any literature from her campaign. On her Election Candidate Information Form, she indicates "none" for e-mail and website, and her personal statement reads: "For Change."

If you come across any information about this candidate and her campaign, feel free to send me an e-mail.


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