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Bob Cardinal's Letter

Besides the incumbent, another of this year's candidates for mayor has held the seat before: Bob Cardinal.

I started paying attention to Maplewood politics after Mayor Cardinal had left office, so I don't honestly have a lot of familiarity with his time in office. I do know that he has been strongly critical of Mayor Diana Longrie, her allies, and their time in control of the city.

As described in a Maplewood Review article, Cardinal wrote a letter to Ramsey County Attorney Susan Gaertner in late November 2006, asking her to investigate alleged wrongdoings in City Hall such as open meeting law violations, conflicts of interest, and retaliatory actions against city employees. A scanned copy of his letter can still be found in the archives of Maplewood Voices.

The county attorney's office determined that the issues itemized by Mr. Cardinal did not fall under their jurisdiction, as discussed by a later Review article in January 2007. Even so, I think he deserves credit for using his stature as a former mayor to call attention to what was happening under the Longrie-Copeland regime and to speak out on behalf of many citizens who were distressed by the direction their city was taking.

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