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Website Update

JohnNephew.com debuted on February 13, 2007, when I announced my intention to run for Maplewood City Council. It began as a candidate website, a way to introduce voters to me and my positions on Maplewood issues.

Since taking my oath of office on January 7, 2008, this website has continued as a journal of my experience as an elected official. The perspective has changed from that of an observer to a participant, and the subject matter has shifted away from campaign matters toward the city's current events, policy issues, and political maneuvering.

So I've reorganized the site a bit. The most obvious change is to make the current blog posts my front page. A related change is a reorganization of the tags on posts, and which tags are listed in the right-hand column under “Blog Posts by Topic.” I think most visitors are interested in ongoing policy topics rather than, for instance, endorsements from the campaign of two years ago.

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