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John Wykoff and Secession

At the May 28, 2009, council meeting, mayoral candidate John Wykoff read a prepared statement at visitor presentations, updating the council and audience on his efforts to break away southern Maplewood into a separate city that he would name Innovation.

Here is his presentation:

This presentation may give us an idea of Wykoff's platform and motivation, now that he's a candidate for mayor. Here are the conclusions I draw from the specific issues he highlighted:
  • He opposes the city's Comprehensive Plan, which is required by state law.
  • He opposes ordinances to protect the environment (wetlands and trees).
  • He opposes the city's enforcement of the drinking age at liquor stores.
  • He opposes the city's enforcement of stormwater regulations, which are mandated by state and federal law.
  • He opposes regulation of construction on private land or enforcement of building and fire codes.
  • He would run his city of Innovation with a staff of five, and thinks anyone could run a city like Maplewood.
  • He believes we should “punish the police."
  • He really doesn't like fellow mayoral candidate Will Rossbach.
Obviously, Wykoff is anti-government and anti-regulation in general. The big exception is his neighbor's retaining wall. In that specific case, he is upset that the government is not aggressively intervening to regulate or dictate his next-door-neighbor's use of their private property.

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