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Dave Hafner and the Nazi Threat

My first encounter with city council candidate Dave Hafner was memorable. At the time, I was taking meeting notes for Maplewood Voices and making plans to run for city council myself. I attended the February 3, 2007, Mayor's Forum, where Hafner had some opinions to share. He was very concerned to make sure that Mary Flister, who was recording the Mayor's Forums at the time, saved his comments for posterity.

In Mr. Hafner's view, citizens who were monitoring the actions of the Longrie-Copeland regime and writing about them on Maplewood Voices were comparable to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. If the "good, decent, honest citizens" of Maplewood were not alerted to this threat, he feared that "these organizations with their computers will raze our cities just like Berlin in the early 1940s." He also stated that residents can't trust what they read in the newspapers, but should call Mayor Diana Longrie, Councilmember Rebecca Cave, or Councilmember Erik Hjelle in order to get the truth.

I'm not making this up! And as it happens, I have a copy of the digital recording. (If you don't want to listen to it all, skip ahead to the 4:10 mark for the start of the good stuff. You can also still read my notes from the meeting.)

At the end of the mayor's forum, Mr. Hafner came back to share more of his thoughts, working himself up into something of a rage:

(Direct links to audio, if those embedded players don't work for you: here and here.)

According to Mr. Hafner's certified Election Candidate Information Form, he is running as a team with Delray Rokke and Ken Smart. No word yet on whether or not they share his concern about a looming threat of National Socialism that hangs over Maplewood.

Also no word on whether Mr. Hafner still thinks as highly of Ms. Longrie and Ms. Cave as he did two years ago. I suppose the fact that both are candidates, but he is now running on a slate without either of them, speaks for itself.

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Oh, boy, a new set of crazies. That's just what we need.

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