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The Search Continues

With the budget out of the way and the comprehensive plan sent to neighboring jurisdictions for comment, we still have a major piece of business for the council: the ongoing process to select a new city manager.

Our consultants at the PAR Group have provided to the council the resumés and applications of 12 individuals, out of at least four dozen total applicants, for our consideration in a closed meeting at Monday.

The identities of these individuals are at this point confidential. According to Minnesota Statutes § 13.43, subd. 3 (that's part of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act),
Names of applicants shall be private data except when certified as eligible for appointment to a vacancy or when applicants are considered by the appointing authority to be finalists for a position in public employment. For purposes of this subdivision, "finalist" means an individual who is selected to be interviewed by the appointing authority prior to selection.
On Monday, we will review the applications in closed session with Mr. Bernard from the PAR Group, and then select finalists for interview.

Because the identities of applicants are private data at this point, I can't say a lot about them, but I think I am not going too far by suggesting that we have a lot of impressive, well qualified choices.

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