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To Serve (Wings) and Protect (Rooftops), and Raise Money for Worthy Causes

Last Thursday, Michelle and I had dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings up by the Maplewood Mall. Besides being an occasion to enjoy a very tasty Caribbean jerk sandwich, we were there to support the "Tip a Cop" program. Maplewood police from rookie officers all the way up to the police chief were busing tables and soliciting donations to support the Special Olympics. This was one of two "Tip a Cop" evenings at Buffalo Wild Wings in May; between the two, our police raised over $1,700.

This coming weekend brings another fundraiser, the "Cop on Top" program with Rainbow Foods. Maplewood is home to one of thirty metro-area Rainbow grocery stores where police officers will be up on the roof to raise money again for the Special Olympics. In our case, Lieutenant Mike Shortreed and Officer Joe Tran will be braving the elements and the altitude for this worthy cause.

If you are able, stop by to support Officer Tran, Lt. Shortreed, and the Special Olympics. If you'll be out of town for the weekend (up at the cabin, maybe?), you can still pledge your support through the Special Olympics website.


Hey! You gotta let me know when I can eat at B-Dubs and call it community service!

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