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Recognizing Volunteers

Being at the DFL state convention last weekend reminded me of something I wanted to express: How incredibly important volunteers are to political campaigns and the political process. I sure came to appreciate them on the campaign trail last year. Being in a setting filled with with passionate, hard-working, and very unpaid supporters of multiple candidates (the Nelson-Pallmeyer and Franken volunteers were of course the most visible, given their contest for the Senate endorsement, but there were many more), reinforced that appreciation.

If you have ever volunteered for any candidate, for any party, I'd like to offer my thanks. Your participation is a key part of what makes our democracy work. As the election season moves forward, I encourage every citizen to get out there and participate in at least one campaign, for any candidate you support in any race. It's easy to become cynical about the political process if you only experience it through TV ads and the news media's jaded commentary. But when you join with other volunteers working towards your shared ideals and aspirations, it's hard not to be inspired and energized.

Here's another photo from last weekend, from the Franken war room. After accepting the convention's nomination, he gave a short and funny speech to thank his volunteers and rev them up for all the campaigning work yet to come.


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