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Popovich Award

Hearty congratulations are due to Maplewood resident Mary Flister, one of two recipients of the Peter S. Popovich Award this year from the Society of Professional Journalists. The award is given to "the person or organization that exemplifies the fight for First Amendment Rights." According to the SPJ:

After attending a “Mayor’s Forum” in Maplewood, where people openly complained about their neighbors and elected officials, Flister began to tape record the public meetings and make them available to the city clerk, and thus any citizen. Flister, concerned the personal attacks would influence public policy, has dutifully recorded the meetings since then, despite numerous public admonishments that city officials make no attempt to diminish. Elected leaders are now considering officially recording meetings “since they’re being recorded anyway.”

Mary's quiet, patient commitment to her belief that the content of these forums should be available to those unable to attend in person, even in the face of withering personal attacks from some angry individuals, is an inspiration to me. It's great to see the Society of Professional Journalists recognize it as well.


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