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DFL State Convention

This weekend, Michelle and I have been at the DFL State Convention, where she is a delegate and I have had a lot of free time (which is good, since I am still working my way through an enormous packet for Monday's council meeting).

Yesterday I volunteered in the Franken war room, where I helped with balloting. Runners reported the totals from each delegation, and our group collated the results to see how the votes compared with projections from the voter ID's (in other words, how did people actually vote versus how they said they'd vote?). Based on that information, the candidate and his wife and daughter were dispatched to various specific areas where support needed to be shored up, or where there seemed to be an opportunity to pick up more votes on the next ballot (e.g., a delegation that had strongly shifted in favor of Franken might be ripe to have its remaining votes persuaded). Though, as it turns out, it was finished with one ballot. I wasn't doing anything especially important in this process (basically passing along sheets of paper with scribbled results from one person to the right person at a computer for data entry), but it was exciting and educational to be part of the operation of a campaign on a much larger scale than my own for city council.


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