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This Week's Review

This is just a quick note to link to the article in this week's Maplewood Review, looking back at the race and forward to January's new council.

I've been very busy since the election -- there were a lot of lawn signs to take down the day after the election, and business at my company, Atlas Games, has been booming, meaning lots of work for me writing invoices and packing boxes of games off to our customers worldwide. Sales of our existing games have been particularly strong, plus there are new titles that I delayed until after the election. (Watch your favorite local game store for Mad Scientist University -- a great stocking stuffer! It should be on shelves starting around November 29th.)

Now...I've got to get back to work and pack up an order heading to England!

Hi John

Congratulations on your election.

As a local government Councillor for the Town of Vincent in Western Australia who has recently started a blog with a similar objective to your own (http://ianrker-vincent.blogspot.com), I'd be interested in your thoughts on how effective your blog has been (well, you did get elected!), what works and what doesn't, and how you got people to know about it.

I'd also be interested in how you aim to use your blog now that you have been elected. As a sitting Councillor, I envisage that the blog provides me with an opportunity to make my views known before matters are considered by Council. Our local government 'Code of Conduct' prevents an elected member criticising a Council decision, but previous statements that are still accessible can be very eloquent.

If you are able to respond, my e-mail is ian_ker@hotmail.com


Ian Ker

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