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New Day Rising

We won!

Media coverage this morning:

Maplewood Voices breaks down the numbers, including precinct results (in every precinct, either Will took first and I took second or vice versa).

The Pioneer Press offers a short article, headlined, "Upheaval in Maplewood; voters oust ally of Longrie."

A Star Tribune article surveying yesterday's election results also includes mention of Maplewood.

There are so many people I have to thank for making this possible. My wife, Michelle, has been my #1 supporter -- working so hard and committing her diverse talents to this campaign, and putting up with so much along the way. I can't imagine making it through this election without her love and support. Besides the rest of my family, who have been unwavering, I am so grateful to my campaign donors, volunteers, and mentors who gave me much needed advice to help me develop a practical campaign plan (and prodded me to stick to it), and helped it actually come together. Will Rossbach has been a pleasure to campaign with, and it is an honor that I will serve on the council with him. I barely knew Will when I decided back in February that I would run for city council, but it is now my privilege to call him a friend.

Most of all, I thank the voters of Maplewood, who are putting their faith in me. I will do my best to live up to your high expectations.



Good on ya, John!

Congratulations, John. We look forward to never hearing about Maplewood politics again in the metro (except in the positive).

Congratulations!! All of Maplewood wins! But the biggest winner, I think, is poor Ms. Juenemann! How she made it this far with all the indignity that has befallen the Government of this city... I think will has lost some hair as well. People's lives and careers have been affected, all joking aside. Thank you for your dedication.

Congratulations! Good luck with all the hard work that no doubt awaits you. :)

Grats, John and Michelle!

ttfn - woody

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