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When Postcards Attack

It has come to my attention that anonymous postcards have been mailed to some voters, attacking my fellow candidate Will Rossbach. Some of these postcards say "Vote for Democrats John Nephew and Delray Rokke." Some repeat the familiar slogan of another candidate, "Our City is NOT FOR SALE!" (though I'm not aware of any candidate who thinks it is or should be).

I don't know if anyone takes the cards seriously. Just in case there is the slightest doubt, let three facts be clear.

First, I support Will Rossbach in his bid for re-election. I came to this decision by seeing him in action on the city council, and concluded from observation that he stands up for common sense and the good of Maplewood, even though that too often leaves him in the minority.

Second, while this is a non-partisan race, there are two endorsed Democrats -- I am one, and Will Rossbach is the other -- though we both are proud to have broad-based, bipartisan support. (One reason the postcard sender is anonymous is that it is illegal, under Minnesota statute 211B.02, to falsely imply that a party has endorsed a candidate.)

Third, I had nothing to do with this mailer, and I certainly would never have anything to do with lies and misrepresentations being made about Will's record and his goals.

On the contrary, I am working more closely with Will in the general election campaign. We share a common concern about the direction our city has taken, and we have been endorsed by most of the same organizations and leaders. To fix Maplewood's problems, we both must win, since our opponents have aligned themselves with each other. Voters will have a clear choice between, in effect, two slates of candidates on election day.

Who produced the postcards? I don't know, but I suspect it came from individuals who wish to sow confusion, to keep the choice on election day from being clear. That's what makes sense if you need only one of your two favored candidates to win, and if you would benefit from making voters cynical, discouraged, confused, and unlikely to turn out on election day.


I think this is despicable, but not surprising. Longrie, Cave and Hjelle and their supporters will apparently stop at little in their attempt to retain power.

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