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You can see results on the Ramsey County webpage here: http://www.co.ramsey.mn.us/elections/results3.htm.

As I type this, we are sitting at the Buffalo Wild Wings at County Road D and White Bear (where they have wifi), and 15 of 16 precincts are in. I'll have to think of something eloquent to say later, but for now, I'm just speechless. It sure looks to me like the people have spoken, and they have a strong opinion to express. I am humbled to see this support, and to have the privilege of going into the general election and have the chance to serve all the people of Maplewood.

Edit, 9/12, 7:04 AM: The Maplewood city website includes detailed results by precinct.


Congratulations, John! You've run an excellent campaign, and I'm looking forward to the results of the next round too! Good luck!

Matt beat me to the congrats. I have confidence that we're looking at the next new Maplewood City Councilor and that Maplewood is going to be quite lucky (and happy) to have you.

Congrats John! I was proud to give you my last vote in Maplewood - even if you are a cereal killer with out of state friends and a psudo name ;)

We are escaping to North St. Paul. Know anyone looking for a nice four bedroom house in Maplewood?

Barbara Skoglund

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