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Get Out the Vote!

The DFL has put out a call for volunteers to help with get-out-the-vote efforts this weekend. See their webpage for details and a sign-up form. They are calling for folks to help in both St. Paul and Maplewood races. There's a need for folks to help with phone calls, door-knocking, and the intensive work on election day to make sure that the supporters we've identified over the course of the campaign remember to get to the polls!

I should note, you certainly don't need to be a Democrat to help in this effort. I'm proud of my DFL endorsement, and pleased to make good use of the tools that endorsement gives my campaign -- but I am also proud that I have won supporters from all across the political spectrum. As citizens of Maplewood, we are united in our demand for a city government that is responsible, accountable, and well-managed. That's an agenda that should cross all the traditional partisan divides.

If we achieve that goal, and find we have time left over for heated arguments about foreign policy or federal entitlement reform, well, that would be what my Jerry, my Republican business partner, would call a "high-class problem."


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