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A Brief Retrospective

Before getting back into campaigning mode, I wanted to take a moment to look back at the primary, with some links and some thoughts.

First of all, if you didn't catch it at the time, here are links to some of the media coverage from the primary. Star Tribune reporter Chris Havens wrote up a short piece, with quotes from several candidates on election night. The Star Tribune also has a results page (click on candidate names for their profiles). The Pioneer Press followed up Michael Enright's pre-election survey of the field of candidates and issues with a election results summary piece by Elizabeth Mohr (including other North Metro races as well). The most detailed look at the primary results came from Katy Zillmer in a special online extra for the Maplewood Review (it may also appear in this week's printed edition).

Second, I want to repeat my thanks to so many supporters and volunteers who made the success of last week possible. We had people making phone calls, knocking on doors, persuading their neighbors, and the result was a turnout that surpassed my wildest hopes. Before we get down to working on an even bigger turnout for the general election in November, it's time for the citizens of Maplewood to congratulate themselves for this big step toward taking back our city.

Finally, I want to offer my compliments and best wishes to three candidates who did not make it through the primary, but who impressed me each time I met them, with their passion for positive change, their commitment to our community, and their promise as leaders: Jim Llanas, Jim Meehan, and James Dykes. The primary results were somewhat lopsided, but I don't believe it is any negative reflection on these three; on the contrary, I talked to citizens who told me that they very much liked those candidates, but felt they had to send a strong message of disapproval to the current majority in city hall, and the way to do that was by voting for me and Will Rossbach. I'm sure we will see more of these men, and that's good news for Maplewood's future.


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