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MVC Endorsement

I am pleased to announce that I am one of four candidates who have been endorsed by the Maplewood Voters' Coalition.

Four? you ask. Yep -- the MVC has taken an unusual approach, endorsing more candidates than there are seats available in the general election. Their intent is to endorse "all candidates we judge to meet our standards for public office: a respect for process, reliance on professionalism, and a commitment to public service rather than a personal agenda" (to quote the endorsing letter from Endorsement Committee Chair Deb Birkholz and MVC Chair Robert Schmidt).

I am pleased that this group of citizens has come together to work for better local government, and it is an honor to have the MVC endorsement.

On a personal note, Michelle and I live in western Maplewood, which is part of the Roseville school district, so we have school board elections this year as well. I am pleased that the MVC is endorsing in that race as well, and I look forward to reading their evaluations of those candidates.

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