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Gen Con

I've been off the campaign trail this week because I've been out of town on business. I am at Gen Con, an enormous event focused on games, particularly hobbyist games like the ones my company, Atlas Games, publishes. Tens of thousands of gamers converge on the Indianapolis convention center to find new games, to meet the creators who make the games they enjoy, to buy games and game-related merchandise, and most of all to play games pretty much around the clock. Seriously -- at 4 AM, you'll find people in the hotel lobbies and the Steak & Shake, playing card games or talking about their day's imaginary adventures.

This year our new release for the show is a very special project, a book entitled 40 Years of Gen Con. The convention is now owned by friends of ours, and they licensed Atlas Games to produce this illustrated history of the show, to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Yesterday I took the day away from the exhibit hall booth to play in a special event that I've long wanted to try, the National Security Decision Making Game. (I figured just by playing this I'd be able to claim more foreign policy experience than at least half the current field of presidential candidates!) I wrote up the experience in an entry on the Atlas Games blog.


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