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It's not up on the Lillie Papers website yet, but today's headline in the Maplewood Review reads, "John Banick case settled for $500,000."

To read my thoughts on this case and the current council majority's efforts to undermine the Police Civil Service Commission, check out my previous blog entries on the topic.

Our city manager stated that the settlement money came from the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust, so "the cost has already been reimbursed back to us." (I assume that's the cost beyond our $50,000 deductible, of course; unless other lawsuits had already gone past our $200,000 aggregate deductible before this case.) Of course, the Trust is paid into by all the member cities, so the taxpayers are still footing the bill in the end ... just a larger pool of taxpayers.

Update: The Maplewood Review article is now on their website.

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