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Door-Knocking the Antipodes

I've been out knocking on doors for a month now. The people I've been targeting are reliable primary voters — I figure they'll be voting again this year, as they do every year, so I may as well introduce myself (or leave a letter of introduction if they aren't home).

Yesterday I was working on the far south leg of Maplewood. Given how hot the day was already when I set out in the morning, I figured this would be a good plan, since you know the seasons are opposite in north and south — isn't it supposed to be winter down south of I-94 right now? Well, turned out that's not the case; it was plenty warm down there too (thanks, Deb and Paul, for those three big and much needed glasses of ice water). As for the rumor that water flushing down a toilet swirls in the opposite direction down there, I didn't have a chance to test it, but I fear that may be just another urban legend among the North Maplewoodians about our mysterious and distant antipodes.

But seriously — south Maplewood is beautiful and has a distinct character. The terrain is much more hilly, reminding me of my childhood home in Duluth (albeit without Lake Superior at the bottom of the hill). The people are friendly, too — though I'm happy to report that people have been friendly (and overwhelmingly interested in seeing some positive change in this year's elections) all over Maplewood.


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