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Highlights of the Taste of Maplewood

Last week we did go to the Taste of Maplewood event over at the community center. Some of the highlights we witnessed:

  • The police department had temporary tattoos of the Maplewood Police Department shoulder patches, as well as MPD-branded highligher pens, pizza cutters, and chip-bag clips. I guess they talk to college students a lot, and these are especially popular items with that demographic.
  • The councilperson dunk-tank looked like a success. We didn't arrive early enough to see Mayor Longrie in the tank, but Michelle and I did get to take a few throws at Erik Hjelle and Will Rossbach. (Sadly, we missed.) In the contest to raise the most money, Will won with his "make it up on volume" strategy of offering cheap throws. I think a lot of credit has to go to Erik, who bullhorn-amplified taunting attracted a lot of throwing arms for dunking Will.
  • I found that just two chicken tacos from Acapulco was probably more meal than I even needed. Michelle enjoyed a prime rib sandwich from Gulden's. Party Time Liquors was giving away free samples of 1919 root beer, which was not to be missed. There were more food vendors (including Chicago-style dogs, ice cream, and coffee), making me wish I had room to eat more.
  • Many local politicians turned out -- the whole city council attended for at least part of the evening, and I saw State Reps. Leon Lillie and Nora Slawik, and our Ramsey County Commissioner, Victoria Reinhardt.
I had fun, and enjoyed seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones!


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