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Fundraising Milestone

I just returned from city hall. Michelle and I went there to accompany my treasurer, Jeff Tidball, as he exercised his first official duty in that capacity: turning in our campaign's first finance report.

At the start of the day on Thursday, June 14th, my campaign contribution tally stood at $615. The way the campaign finance law works in Minnesota, once you pass $750 in fundraising or expenditures, you have 14 days to file your first campaign finance report. Rather than seeing that as an annoying regulation, I wanted to put it to use as a strategic opportunity.

I set an ambitious goal for myself for that two-week window. I wanted to report at least $5,000 in funds raised and as many individual contributors as possible. The document we just turned in to the city clerk shows $5,698 in total contributions received, as of 2:15 this afternoon, from sixty-nine different individuals.

I am grateful to everyone who has contributed, and humbled by your generosity. Thank you so much for your encouragement and your confidence in me, and for supporting my campaign for positive change in our city.


Congratulations, John! We're all proud of your and rooting you on!

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