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As part of educating myself about how city governance works, I plan to attend at least one meeting of each of Maplewood's resident boards and commissions. Maplewood citizens are appointed by the city council to serve on these bodies. They study issues and provide advice to the city council, and in some cases have additional statutory responsibilities (such as the Police Civil Service Commission's role in police department personnel decisions).

Last week I attended the latest meeting of the Planning Commission. I took notes, and they're now available on Maplewood Voices. On the whole the meeting seemed very well run and uncontroversial. I was impressed by the diligence that the commissioners put into this volunteer work — going out to visit the site of a proposed development that they were discussing at this meeting, for example — and the respect that they showed each other and the city staff.

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The planning commission notes are now up under the "Meeting Notes" link in the right column.

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